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Won't You Believe Me

by The Gated Community

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And now I’m stuck here in Louisiana And now I’m stuck in a place that I don’t know Some say it’s a plan, a sinking by the Man or my old foe Some say I was stuck here long ago You say I’ve been here all of the time You say I’ve put you out of your mind No, no, no It was never a case of a woken heart or a woken soul It was never a waste of a spoken art or a story told It was never based on broken part of a broken whole You think I’m out there all alone You say I’m stewing and it’s no good I say I’m renewing like I should No, no, no It was always a case of a putting off or a putting on It was always a face that I had seen and then was gone It was always a place that stayed too dark long after dawn You think I was out there all along They’ll say it all ends when you go home He’ll say make amends when you have grown You’ll say you need something to sit upon And I say, “Hold on” And I say, “Hold on”
Oh silver dagger You keep me up at night When I ponder the edge of your blade When I wander around in the shade When I squander the wealth that you made But oh, the time is nigh Oh silver bullet You keep me safe out here While the wolves still circle the hall While the coyotes are making their call While the victims are taking the fall But oh, the time is nigh Oh silver medal You made me safe from fear When I clasped you close to my chest When I felt you as I lay undressed When I gave up on bein’ the best But oh, the time is nigh Oh silver linings You shine when hell breaks loose As the engine’s beginning to fail As the rain congeals into hail As the money runs out for my bail But oh, the time is nigh
Filler 04:05
He's gonna bleed your knife
Born to Lose 04:24
I guess we ought to give up right now We had our fun in the jungle anyhow Let it fall in record time, Pop nickels on the dime It’s a cocaine bruise You can’t even hide your mind, stop prepaying your dues Maybe you should run, you were born to lose After a while his memories began to fade He used to tell his friends he had it made Looked up at the silver screen Saw the eyes of a hotel queen As she heard the boos / booze We can’t even find some fives among lonely ones and twos Maybe we should run, we were born to lose Born to lose Born to lose Maybe we should run, we were born to lose She was slumped down, was waiting for the call In her mind she prayed, gave it her all The policeman is on the line Still waiting for a sign Or a couple of clues We can't even try and divine what Nobody could choose Maybe we should run, we were born to lose The sun came up with the wind on the empty plain She was thirteen and high on novocaine Could still go to outside Didn't try to run and hide When she heard the news We can't even find a life or just Step out of our shoes Maybe we should run, we were born to lose
Few of you have the wisdom to stare out and see This thing we have is broken permanently It’s a whiskey trail of watery tears Hidden by the darkness of night When success has failed for months and years Is it better to stay out of sight? So here’s calling out the pages And calling out the knowns And let’s call out the sages Who talk on their phones And it’s a hard time for angels They’re drifting alone And it’s a work night for ages We squint and we moan So it’s once for the prophets And once where they roam And it’s twice for the racers All shiny and chrome And it’s hard luck embraces Our cover’s been blown We’ve been put through the paces And now, it’s time to go home Everyone is a liar and cheats all the time But they still remain too foolish to pull off the crime But you know me, I’m better than that I have powers no one can know So you don’t need an acrobat Where we’re going, it’s on with the show So let’s call out the choppers And call out the cops And let’s call out the paupers Who come out on tops Cause it’s a hard time for strangers Who see when they’re shown And it’s a night full of dangers When the eagle has flown So it’s once for the codgers And once when they groan And it’s twice for the dodgers Who’re out on their own And it’s a hard luck oasis Where they won’t cast a stone We have worn out our faces And now, it’s time to go home
Mary 05:08
Mary had a lot to give Mary had long to live She must have gave her time to bend the knee Mary had a lot to learn Mary had loads to burn She had too many friends to wait on me She had the Swiss cheese on rye And sought the right time to die Sittin’ on the limb of a sycamore tree The tree was from a gilded age It felt an unquenchable rage Nobody ever took that seriously Mary sat upon the edge And dropped upon the fatal ledge They never heard a sound so delicately If she gave all she had Could it have ever been that bad? Some said that she had chose judiciously
Too Late 03:22
And it's too late to be surmising And it's too late for compromising And it's too late to be un-wising And it's too late to keep revising I was a lonely weapon I was a stepping stone I was in West Virginia, with the daylight getting long And it's too much to wrap in leather And it's too much to shoe together And it's too much stormy weather And it's too much to make it better I was a lonely weapon I was a stepping stone I was in West Virginia, with the daylight traveling on And it's two times as many demons And it's two men for all the seasons And it's two hands to hide the lesions And its too late for all the reasons I was a lonely weapon I was a stepping stone I was in West Virginia, with the daylight going wrong
Sorry I’m sorry you’re crazy You weren’t all bad You were just mostly bad But when you were bad You were truly awful Sorry I’m sorry you’re lazy You sit in a room And you drink and brood You write in your room Something truly awful Sorry My memory is hazy What’s past is past It wasn’t meant to last So let go of the past It was nothing personal I saw the time it takes To build something up and to burn the same thing down I saw the bile it makes When change is afoot, and to change things around Well I’m sorry I’ll hand you a daisy You can have wine Made from a dandelion You can drink wine In your private study I saw the time it takes To build something up and to burn the thing down I saw the bile it makes When change is afoot, and to change things around When people you meet believe you’ve been crowned When all you forsook then arise from the ground When everything sings and is making a sound Well I’m sorry I’m sorry you’re crazy It does make me sad But you weren’t my dad I feel a bit sad But you weren’t my father
Christmas is a time for shopping I gotta get out of bed and do some walking 'Cause Mother Nature is talking I got a tree from my neighbor Decorate with a tinsel-love of labor I'll call you up a little later I'm looking over the river By now it should be completely frozen over A cold front down from Dover And I, I've been a bad boy this year And if there is a Santy Claus, well he ain't comin' here But I, I've got a feeling tonight That if them elves say "fare the well," we'll still keep 'em sight Christmas is a time for gladness I'm looking out through my window at the madness To see who's running the fastest I'm blowing out all the candles Just once a year is more than I can handle You've heard this old ramble before
Out Here 04:38
Shotgun with lady cockin', poor boy is barely talkin', all disappear Strange one goes fire walkin', sailor gets bored at dockin', all disappear Out here, in the distance that's always between us Out here, in an instance that's already been us She gets a Yankee notion, swim out into the ocean down by the pier Sheriff hears more commotion, gaze down with no emotion, tenth one this year Cops all around the scene, poor boy was seventeen, is dead by her side She's sittin' so serene, he took her unforeseen and down for a ride
Particular 03:48
If I in particular could find something to eat I would be perpendicular and walking down the street If I were particular about the way I roam I would remain vehicular and drive up to your home If I in particular were asked to go and get I would remain reticular and cast a wider net If I were particular about the way I learn I wouldn’t keep curricular and find some books to burn If I in particular could find something to eat I would be perpendicular and walking down the street


Politically charged folk/country band The Gated Community releases their new album Won’t You Believe Me on November 8, 2019. Recorded in the shadow of the Trump era, the self-described Marxist country/bluegrass novelty band packs its usual political punch with songs like “Too Late” and “I’m Sorry You’re Crazy.” But continuing where their last album Country Hymn left off, this release goes beyond political satire to address real personal loss.

In 2017, their bandmate Johnny Becker died unexpectedly. Recorded in the wake of his passing, Won’t You Believe Me is dedicated to his memory and even includes some musical contributions he made before his passing, including the mandolin part to “Too Late,” which he composed a week before his death. His widow Rosie Harris, a long-term member of the band, is also featured on the album, singing and playing cello. In addition to this tragic loss, band members Sumanth Gopinath and Beth Hartman also lost friends and family to whom they also dedicate the album.

Although the album mostly contains originals, there are two covers on the album, including a raucous stringband version of the Minor Threat song “Filler” and a tribute to Bruce Springsteen on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The band does a sad, lilting interpretation of his iconic anti-war song “Born in the U.S.A.” along with “Born to Lose,” an original song written in response to “Born to Run.”

“There's something meaningful, I think, in a person of color singing the words ‘I was born in the U.S.A.,’” band leader Sumanth Gopinath says. “I was born here, and I want people to know that I and other people of color are just as American as they are.”

“I did not always feel like I fit in,” he says. “I wrote ‘Stuck in Louisiana’ about how I felt moving to Slidell from Chicago as a kid, never feeling like I belonged and desperately wanting to get out.” This theme of belonging permeates the album, telling stories of people losing each other and coming together again with an eye to a world that is more welcoming to all.

Led by Sumanth Gopinath (acoustic guitar, vocals, keyboards), the ever-evolving band includes Cody Johnson (bass), Teresa Gowan (fiddle, accordion), Paul Hatlelid (drums, vocals, guitar), Rosie Harris (vocals, cello), Beth Hartman (vocals, percussion), and Nate Knutson (electric guitar, mandolin). Together with the help of guest musicians Matty Harris (saxophone) and Dav Kemp (percussion), this virtuosic group takes surprising creative turns. Raw yet sophisticated, the music lands somewhere between The Magnetic Fields and Steve Earle. The Gated Community is carving their own musical space where politics, humor, and emotional storytelling all come together in a way that is playful, smart, and refreshingly original.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


released November 8, 2019

The Gated Community is Sumanth Gopinath, Cody Johnson, Teresa Gowan, Paul Hatlelid, Rosie Harris, Beth Hartman, and Nate Knutson

with special guests Matty Harris and Dav Kemp

words by Sumanth Gopinath, music by The Gated Community, except “Filler” by Ian MacKaye, Jeff Nelson, Lyle Preslar, and Brian Baker, House of Hassle Publishing, and “Born in the U.S.A.” by Bruce Springsteen, Universal Music Works

produced by The Gated Community and John Miller
recorded at Future Condo Studio by John Miller and John Peters
mixed by John Miller
mastered by Bruce Templeton, Microphonic Mastering

photography by Mark Nye (covers, inside panel, and disk) and Rosie Harris (tray)
artwork by Ian Rans

full album information available at thegatedcommunity.bandcamp.com
contact us at thegatedcommunity@gmail.com

thanks and much love to our families, friends, and fans

special thanks to Dave Hoenack, Anthony Kaczynski, David Valentine, and Victor Gonzales

dedicated in memory of our late bandmate, Johnny Becker

also in memory of Priya Joshi and Jessica Berson

© 2019 The Gated Community


all rights reserved



The Gated Community Minneapolis

The Gated Community is a country/bluegrass/Americana band with rock influences based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in Minnesota and has been in existence since early 2006.

Bandmembers: Sumanth Gopinath
Teresa Gowan
Rosie Harris
Beth Hartman
Paul Hatlelid
Cody Johnson
Nate Knutson
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