We Can Do Anything

by The Gated Community

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We Can Do Anything is a slightly grittier, somewhat more earnest follow-up to the band’s first album, Power to My Friends (2010). The recording’s twelve tracks touch upon numerous themes, ranging from wage theft, unemployment, and the Occupy movement to surrealistic fantasies about Zubaz pants. Listen first to the taut but dreamlike “Georgia” (track 5), and then to the heartfelt political romance “(Don’t You) Go Run and Hide” (track 9) and “Take Me Down to the Rig” (track 10), an electric blues-band/honkytonk-style tribute to the late Levon Helm (inspired by his mid-1960s break from the Hawks’ tour with Bob Dylan to work on an oil rig). If you like what you hear, give the whole thing a spin.

Love and many thanks to Beth Hartman, the newest member of The Gated Community, for her critical ears and good taste during the mixing and mastering processes. And, thanks to Michael Gallope, Emily Lechner, Matthew McDonald, and Ryan Stokes for their very helpful feedback on earlier versions of the album.

The Gated Community is:
Sumanth Gopinath: lead and backing vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass
Katie Williams: lead and backing vocals
Scott Williams: backing vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Teresa Gowan: fiddle
Rosie Harris: lead vocals, banjo, cello
Johnny Becker: piano, accordion, pump organ
Cody Johnson: electric bass, drums
Paul Hatlelid: lead vocals, drums, acoustic guitar


released May 8, 2015

lyrics by Sumanth Gopinath, music by The Gated Community
except "Darkness, Darkness" (Jesse Colin Young)

Thanks to our families, friends, collaborators, and fans
full album details and lyrics available at
contact us at thegatedcommunity@gmail.com
copyright (c) 2015

Produced by Bryan Highhill and The Gated Community
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Bryan Highhill, Lumpy Recordings
Mastered by Bruce Templeton, Magneto Mastering
Manufactured by Copycats Media
Photography by Mark Nye
Design by Ian Rans



all rights reserved


The Gated Community Minneapolis

The Gated Community is a country/bluegrass/Americana band with rock influences based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in Minnesota and has been in existence since early 2006.


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Track Name: I'll Never Dance With You Again
You got two left feet to begin with
and you ain't no good to sin with
I believe, lordy mama,
(You) got the gait of a llama
I'll be leavin' Yokohama
Give me back the old Obama
Tell me, how long do I have to wait?

You got a head all full of ideas
and you sing right through your careers
I believe, honey honey,
that you work like a bunny
Are you makin' lots of money,
or is something kind of funny?
Tell me, how long do I have to play?

I got news
I got news
I got news
I got news
I got news for you baby
You don't drive me crazy, but
I'll never dance
I'll never dance
I'll never dance with you again

You got an ear that drops a mouthful
and you say you can't hear, but it's doubtful
I believe, honey baby
that a "no" ain't a "maybe"
Are you pullin' something shady
when you're talkin' to a lady?
Tell me, how long do I have to stay?

Well, she'll never dance
she'll never dance with another
Why take a chance
when you can't advance past my mother?

You're a no good, three-time loser
You're pot-callin'-kettle accuser
I believe what you're missin'
is a mouth good for kissin'
You insist on goin' fishin'
so you best a-keep a-wishin'
Tell me, how much do I have to pay?
Track Name: The Devil in Zubaz
Was one of those days
The air was a haze and
the tubas were blastin' my ears,
buzzin' loud, loud; Loud
was the sound

all around the main stage
The crowd was enraged, yes that's
you, cuz, when the groupies are there,
sayin', "Where, where, where
is my Jimmy and his new band?"

The clock's tickin' long
Something is wrong, 'cause we go on
when Jimmy's set is done
Can we run, run, run
things around and you

let us go first?
'Cause what would be worse
than a-playin' to a crowd that ain't there?
Jimmy's hair, hair, hair is walkin' in
and now they're jammin'
for an hour
and another
and another...

(Ooh, no, no, no!)

Late in the night
Nothin' is right and we're standin' finally on stage
And there's none, none, none
in the bar so we

launch into "Hogs"
"Can't wait to quit my job"
When it's like this, I'd rather be in bed
Think I'm dead, dead, dead,
then a man hits the dance floor

As soon as he came, we were pawns in the game of his new buzz
Did not know his name, now we know he's the Devil in Zubaz

Don't know who he was
But just the two of us,
we were makin' some strange energy
Feel the vibe, vibe, vibe
of his mind

as he calls out for Elvis
He's shakin' his pelvis
He boogies with a gal by his side
Let it ride, ride, ride and lose yer soul
to the shuffle master

As soon as he came, we were pawns in the game of his new buzz
Did not know his name, now we know he's the Devil in Zubaz
As soon as he came, we were pawns in the game of his new buzz
Our misfortune, his fame, now we know he's the Devil in Zubaz
Track Name: Divorce Dress
I don't care if you go swallow your hair
I don't mind if you treat me unkind
I won't think and pour myself a drink
'Cause it's all too much for one more such and such

It's like I told you, sweet Virginia
It ain't good to live off the fat of the land
I done told you, sweet Virginia
Now don't you worry or give in to your man

Now don't you know, it’s past time for to go
If you leave, you gonna have to grieve
Well I’m all wound up and drunk from the loving cup
'Cause this is one more end that’s comin' 'round the bend

Well I'll say one thing, and you gonna have to hear it
There's nothing left for peelin' back tonight
'Cause it's one cruel ring, but nobody made you wear it
And it lasts a while when something ain't quite right
Track Name: Georgia
[Her] On a cold, country morning I was homesick, couldn't wait to get inside
[Him] On a winter's day was runnin' from a place that held me closely in my mind
[Both] Something in the air that was callin' us back from where we came
[Her] And I knew once I returned I would stop cryin' and losin' hands in every game

I was leavin' town tomorrow, when I heard that my momma had up and died
I was headed to the depot, feelin' lonely and regretful, 'cause I'd lied
Something in your eyes must have told me things are gonna turn okay
And I knew the dark night would be especially clear and bright for all my days

Oh, take a midnight train way down to Georgia
Track Name: I'm Crowded, Move Over
Old gal she been fixin' to cry
She got a crack in her heel, got a foot in her eye
She says, "I'm crowded, oh Lord"
Old gal she been waitin' to die
Just a-sittin' around, and the plains go dry
"I'm crowded, oh Lord"

Old man has that shufflin' beat
He been tumblin' down the side (of) the street
He says, "I'm crowded, oh Lord"
Old man he got nothin' to eat
He still clappin' his hands—his hands, the feet
He says, "I'm crowded, oh Lord"

I'm crowded, move over
I'm crowded, move over
Move over!

My hometown burned away
Here tomorrow, gone today,
(I) said, "I'm crowded, oh Lord"
My hometown was burnin' red
And dreams of Eden leave my head,
said, "I'm crowded, oh Lord"

Hurry on, they'll rob you of day
Hurry on, they'll take you away
Hurry on, they'll drive you astray
Hurry on, to comfort and say

You came here with death in your head
I listened no more to the things you said,
said, "I'm crowded, oh Lord"
You came here, my dyin' bed
The lights are bright and the night was dead,
said, "I'm crowded, oh Lord"
Track Name: Romance
She's a lovely girl
And she's mad at him
He's a lovely boy
And she's mad at him

You can see in her eyes
From the things she says
That he still don't know
What bad he did

'Cause he moves a little bit slow
He pours like grenadine
She moves way too fast
Drives eighty-five and lives a little bit mean

Well they go to school
And they play the part
And she eased her cool
As he tried to start

But the engine light
Did not come on
Then it soon burned bright
And it burned real long

'Cause he moves a little bit slow
He pours like burgundy
She moves way too fast
Drives eighty-five and lives a little bit free

Well they bought a house
And they bought, bought a brand-new van
But they still drive around
In their old sedan

Well they lived real long
And they lived good
And she still gets mad
As well she should

But he treats her right
And he cools her down
In the dark of night
On the edge of town

'Cause he moves a little bit slow
He pours like cremolade*
She moves way too fast
Drives eighty-five, and sits in the cool, cool shade

* = somewhere between remoulade and cremolada
Track Name: I Wanna Get Drunk Tonight
I wanna get drunk tonight
I wanna get in a barroom fight
I wanna see the morning light
from the bottom of a ditch on the side of the road
I wanna wear a six-inch heel
I wanna cop another feel
I wanna make a strange backroom deal
and peer inside the body bag, 'cause man ain't that a drag

You, you got a dumb smile on your face
Every other word seems mildly out of place
I got a ticket for the train
and I hope I never see you again

I wanna get drunk tonight
I wanna get zipped up real tight
I wanna think not quite right
And have my troubles burn up into flame
I wanna wear fishnet lace
I wanna find an unknown place
I wanna be a big disgrace
With my picture in a dirty mag, 'cause man ain't that a drag

You, you were always a few steps behind
You never seemed to have too much on your mind
I slammed the door of my old car
Cause you insist on going way too far

I wanna get drunk tonight
I wanna go where the lights are bright
And be such an awful sight
With everybody trying not to stare
I wanna wear a see-through dress
I wanna make an awful mess
I wanna make you say, "I confess!"
and wipe me down with a dirty rag, 'cause man ain't that a drag

Baby, baby, ain't gonna be one more time
Be all sprawled out at the scene of the crime
Well, I see your face, but don't wanna hear you whine
'Cause I'm gonna keep that for mine, that's all mine, that's all mine, that's all mine

I wanna get drunk tonight
I wanna get in a barroom fight
I wanna see the morning light
From the bottom of a ditch on the side of the road
I wanna wear a six-inch heel
I wanna cop another feel
I wanna make a strange backroom deal
And slip inside that body bag, 'cause man ain't that a drag
Track Name: (Don't You) Go Run and Hide
Don't try to be empty
Don't try to be strong
I'll make it better
'fore too long, 'fore too long

Don't nurse all the bruises
They're keeping you down
They'll fade in the distance
I'll be 'round, I'll be 'round

Forget that they're sending
You so far away
I'll make this moment
Last forever and a day, hey, hey

'Cause I will be
I will be
Be by your side

Just cry like a baby
The smoke in your eyes
Will fall from your lashes
To the skies, to the skies

When somebody grabs you
Is draggin' your arm
You know I won’t hurt you
Or do you harm, do you harm, harm, harm

'Cause I will be
I will be
Be by your side
So don't, don't you
So don't you
Go run and hide

We will be dancing
With the stars
So you don't have to
Have to feel the scars
Track Name: Take Me Down to the Rig
Take me down to the rig
I wanna be your oil man
Take me down to the rig
Just whenever you can

Take me down to the dig
I wanna be your dirt man
Take me down to the dig
Just whenever you can

Wait a while, lay a mile of the pipe
I didn't think that you were my type
Going down hundred fifty below
Pick and grin? Got to go...

Take me down where I'm big
I wanna be your Big Man
Take me down where I'm big
Just whenever you can
Track Name: Non (A French Song)
Oh, no, no
No, no, no

It was twenty years ago today
Was lookin' at the TV, and I heard the man say
Said the frond-, plaster-palm-makin' factory
It was gone
Down to Juarez, then to Guangzhou

Well, I was sittin' on my livin' room sofa
Puttin' down some pills, and rollin' El Dopa, with soda
Well, I ain't gonna whore on the factory floor no more
in LA or Maricopa

Hell, art is the only thing I got
Now that the factory ain't here
There ain't much left for a regular guy
Guess I'll drink another beer

I used to work all day 'til my hands were tired
I wasn't thinkin' 'bout the job
But my two-bit boss tried to get me fired, he said
I was just a stinkin' slob
But it don't matter much no more

Well I told my wife I'd like to sing her a song
She looked at me funny, then she said, "So long."
She was tired of a man who was sittin' around at home
While she was out workin' with the old folks

Now I'm here in my house, I tried to mow my lawn
It ain't quite the same, now my baby is gone
And the check in the mail ain't coverin' much of my pain
That old philosophy...
Track Name: This World
This world made a heart
This world gave a start
This world is so cold
This world made me old, made me old

I am not ashamed
I am not belamed
I am not afraid
I am still unpaid, still unpaid

This time won't be new
This time won't be through
This time gave me few
This time is my due, is my due